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Pivovar Mutějovice

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Poddžbánský pivovar

Velká Strana 2
270 07 Mutějovice
tel: +420 775 360 161
e-mail: info@poddzbanskypivovar.cz

Opening hours

11:00 - 23:00

Poddzbansky brewery

We are pleased to welcome you to our brewerys web site!

Poddzhbanske beer is produced by classic way, with the primary fermentation in vats and subsequent fermentation in tanks. For the production of light beer we used Plzen Czech malt and Bavarian caramel malt for the production of black beer, Zatec's hop and water from an artesian well. Our beer is produced without adding enzymes and other substitutes, and without filtration and pasteurization.

After the wort prepare in the brewhouse, the wort is cooled to a temperature of fermentation, with the addition of brewer's yeast, and then passes the main fermentation in special vats. Where is keeping the maximum temperature of fermentation depending by the type of beer. After fermentation and cooling vats to a certain temperature, the young beer is transferred to horizontal tanks and matures from 20 to 240 days, depending on variety.

Poddzhbansky brewery is situated 50 km from Prague, in the village Mutejovice, about 3 km from the highway Prague – Karlsbad.